The prophet

Zur Hörversion des weltberühmten Texts von Khalil Gibran aus 1929, gelesen von Kate Reading und Michael Kramer, durfte ich die Musik beisteuern.

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Besprechung von Booklist

"…this production gives a sense of gravity to Gibran’s life-affirming and empowering message that will reward—and may require—repeated listens. These brief topical exchanges are pleasingly set off with eclectic musical interludes and accompaniments from the German composer Stefan Frankenberger that range from vaguely Middle Eastern melodies to folksy licks and jazz. The recording also contains a music-free version, although the music works well to clear space for Gibran’s heady pronouncements…"

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Besprechung aus the audiobook blog :

"…Performed with talent, passion and reverence by this award-winning team of narrators, "The Prophet" is thought-provoking in each of its chapters. Kate serves as the storyteller and Michael is the voice of the main character, add to this a fantastic score of sublime, exotic music by Stefan Frankenberger and you’ll get a masterpiece audio production…"

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