I offer

  • Recording of drums, guitars, (double) bass, piano, percussion, atmo and synthetic sounds
  • Scoring, recording and arranging music for hybrid genres (audio book, film, theatre, advertising)
  • Recording and production of voice, music and all other audio recordings
  • Takeover of tracks and mixing of already recorded projects
  • Arrangement and consultancy in songwriting, structure, performance

If you have any questions about your own project, I look forward to a call or !


_ Muraru-Quartett (Feb '23)

Aufnahmen von verschiedenen Couplets eines Streichquartetts, 2 Tage

_ Stellaccord (Jan '23)

Recording and mixing two jazz-standards with vocals, guitar and trumpet


_ Stephan Stanzel (2022)

Drum recordings for upcoming album production in coproduction with Simon Rupp: Drums, recording

_ ALTE KINDER (2021/22)

Solarpop vom Ammersee in Oberbayern

Production of the album "Gleich" (label77, 2022): musical supervision, instrumentals, recording, mix.

_ Herzkasperl – Anja Monden (2018-21)

Recording, arrangement, instruments (drums/percussion, bass, keyboards, guitar), mixing of the debut album of Berlin-based artist/clown/writer Anja Monden aka Herzkasperl.


_ The Prophet (2018/19)

As technical producer for the audio book version of "The Prophet", Khalil Gibran's famous spiritual text. Read by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer.

_ "Gemma Habibi" (2019)

EP production of Robert Prosser's/Fabian Faltin's performance

_ Rojus

Advising, recording, mixing EP "Rojus" (2018)

_ Walter

Album production of "Zoo, Vol. 1"