mission statement

As a musician, producer and advisor, I offer following skills:

  • Recording of drums, guitar(s), bass, piano, percussion, atmo and synthetic sounds
  • Scoring, recording and arranging music for hybrid genres (audio book, film, theatre, advertising)
  • Recording and production of voice, music and all other audio recordings
  • Takeover of tracks and mixing of already recorded projects
  • Arrangement and consultancy in songwriting, structure, performance
  • long-term artistic consultancy

pricing terms

  • hourly fee: 80€ excl.
  • For longer projects (recording or mixing sessions, consultancy) I offer flat rates, e.g. 1 week recording + post-processing and mix 2000 € excl. or 1 day voice recording + post-processing 700 € excl.
  • for coherent major projects (film, theatre, advertising) and long-term consultancy on fee basis please ask!

If you have any questions about your own project, I look forward to a call or !

clients' feedback

"The work in Studio 77 was exactly as we imagined it as a band - intensive, productive and above all CREATIVE! Because in addition to the technical expertise, it was above all Stefan's artistic input that took our songs away from restraint and lifted them to a higher level. In the pleasant atmosphere of the studio we were able to examine, question and experiment everything - and then at the right moment the red record button was pressed. The collaboration with Stefan in Studio 77 has had a lasting impact on our creative work and we sometimes ask ourselves with some newly composed parts: 'What would Stefan say about that?"
Rojus, Band from Vienna

“Nobody knows how to get to the point as calmly as Stefan Frankenberger" 
Albert Handler, Brand Unit/Vienna

"Working with Stefan offers everything an artist could want. Studio77 combines expertise and high quality technology with careful advice. Stefan takes his time and gives advice if required. The whole atmosphere is extremely personable and encourages inspiration and creativity.“
Jenny Simanowitz, Songwriter

As far as the audio, I thought it was excellent. Nice balance, rich timbres, completely in tune everywhere, rich speaking voice. The piano sounded like a grand rather than an upright. Very nice. That was the technical criticism. Musically, I also have only positive feedback. You took the song exactly where it was supposed to go.
Margaret Carter, Singer

"Recorded a complete album within ten days. Very satisfied with the input in the arrangement, grateful for the universal mastery of all available instruments and, last but not least, because we were not always in time when recording, for the patient timing. His quick click of the mouse makes up for a lot. Also very cozy atmosphere in the studio with living room quality. An ambitious backyard studio and a pub garden in front of the garages."
Walter (rock trio, LP production, 2016)

"Studio77 was my second living room for about 5 years, and Stefan a great butler haha. Almost no wish remained unfulfilled. I often stood at the open window or in the courtyard, which was very inspiring in between. And at some point I didn't even notice any difference between home and studio. Shower is still missing. Otherwise everything is tippitoppi!"
morgen es wird schoen (LP-production, 2012-16)

"Very pleasant! You know how it is: If you want to capture music, you have to make sure that it carries human warmth in spite of all the technology. And that's exactly what you get in studio77. Not only through the wood stove - because yes, there is still heated with wood! But because of the uncomplicated way with which Stefan Frankenberger directs and carries out the recordings, a light-footed way that only true professionals can afford. You just feel comfortable immediately. I mean really feel at home. And nothing is more important in the studio than a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The studio can do that and Stefan can do it. Thank you very much for the good time! We felt well received in every respect."
Gentz (Band from Vienna, Longplayer-production 2017)