All performances, installations and scenic works you also can find here as PDF.

_ the theology of particles

Staged reading about the Austrian nuclear physicist Lise Meitner, who fled from the Nazis in 1938 into her exile in Sweden where she became the first to correctly describe the phenomenon of nuclear fission.

The excerpts from Meitner’s correspondence with her closest friends and colleagues, performed by two actors and accompanied by musical improvisations, show this turn of eras' from Meitner’s perspective as a scientist (among men) and as a Jew in exile from where she sees history pass. She is left behind as a pioneer, who looks on her beloved world in ruins.

This work can be seen as the scenic version of the audio book "Yours, Lise" and has been already performed at the Austrian Cultural Forums Washington, D.C. and Ottawa.

_ membran

A staged concert reading with painted (and yet to be painted) canvases as large sound membranes, which, stimulated by drumbeats, sound waves or electrical impulses, are set in motion and thus become a constantly changing stage scenery.

A large stage with a few actors in a rigid pose and with their heads bowed in silence. Behind them are deeply layered canvases.
After a while, the canvases begin quietly to vibrate and emit deep tones. They are the signal for the actors to wake up from their torpor. They start to move simultaneously with the vibrations, opening their mouths without saying anything, only soft noises, more like silence than speech. Some of their thoughts and silent utterances appear are screened on overtitles and the canvases.

membran is a musical performing examination of hearing: membra, the eardrum, is our acoustic gateway to the world and at the same time it is the separating skin between our inside and the outside. A ballet of sign language, facial expressions and the dull, rumbling vibrations of the screens.