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MORGEN – the answer on HEUTE

MORGEN was a long-cherished dream that finally found the right setting on the occasion of the first Friedensbim 2014 and could be realized. And we were rewarded by the great response.

Since it has long been sold out, you can find the online version of the first (but hopefully not the only) issue of MORGEN: MORNING - the answer to TODAY (in german)

Like many other countries, Austria is suffering from the disease of "free" journalism for over 10 years. However, this does not mean that the publisher or the employees have to work for free or that they can work freely, no, on the contrary: The "for free" segment in this country even seems to be the only one in the entire free press industry that still works brilliantly in economic terms. The readers get the work for free, that's what is meant. And at the same time, it's mean. Because they are defenseless at the mercy of the substance. Where the argument of price (too high) or one's own IQ (too low) still works with other oeuvres of the press, there are no more reins here. The reader is acting in contradiction to reason, not according to the principle "what is free cannot be worth anything", but according to the motto: you don’t look anything in the mouth of a given horse.

MORGEN is a monument for the fight against anti-journalism. May this disease soon pass through neglect.