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_ the unknown soldier

Originally conceived as a sound installation and shown as such in 2012 in a collective exhibition (together with Johanna Kandl, Markus Schinwald, Katharina Daschner), the material later became the basis of the eponymous audio book.
The focus is on excerpts from texts by the pioneering peace activist Bertha von Suttner, read by austrian army members and arranged as an unseen sound source in the free space and thus, almost en passant, very insistently urge for intensive examination of peace as a basic requirement for human coexistence.

_ 4 letter words*

An audio installation about the most important thing in the world

"... is just a four letter word", Joan Baez was singing in Bob Dylan's song, with a certain mystical tragedy for both of them. What did he actually mean when he wrote the song (but never performed it), and what did she mean when she interpreted it (and recorded it several times)?
In this walk-in audio installation, it's all about the many (also misleading) ways of expressing love. Countless 4-letter-words float in the air like whispers, confuse the orientation, accompanied and counteracted by music. And sometimes, you might also hear a hint of the Dylan/Baez song, which is about perception, perspective and the inscrutability in life's most subjective matter.

* not yet published