many of these works have organized by the Duo Amber & Gold, among these:


efemer – 24hrs in a popsong

efemer (2008)
a music performance on behalf of the Donaufestival Krems 2008: e performed 24 hours under in plastic igloo, improvising along the musical matrix of the stretched „take me out“ by Franz Ferdinand. The live recording of our music has been recompressed to the original length of the song afterwards (approx. 4’). Here’s the result:


(a science and media persiflage)

After tough negotiations with the city council of Vienna, the renowned media- and sonopsychologists Dr. Amber and Prof. Gold set out to finally carry out their long-planned research series in 2007: they had found out that monuments of famous musicians emit hitherto unrecognized waves, which, following their theory, correlate with the sound spectra of the music they created. They wanted to underpin this hypothesis in Vienna, the city with the most and oldest music monuments in relation to the number of inhabitants.

The first test series was promising. But it turned out that it will take a second test series. 10 years later, they, now shrunk to a one-man team (for reasons of economy), performed the tests with exactly the same monuments.

The data is still being evaluated. But it seems rather likely that the monuments emit waves at all.

in den freien Raum

into the free space

(live music over live football games)

It was June 2oo6, at the Football World Cup in Germany. Semi-final France vs. Spain, draw until just before the end. The music was the only excitement in this dull match, and all of a sudden, as if he heard the sounds, ingenious Zidane, kissed by the Muse, clasps the ball in the left top corner, and thus his team into the final.

A great moment of improvised music.


der musikalische Arm des Performance-Duos Amber & Gold

coco – der Film

coco war der "musikalische Arm" von Amber&Gold, seine Auftritte waren legendär, wie in diesem Video illustriert wird.